Wednesday, June 06, 2012


 Racing to the den, he pushed into Hawke's office without wating for an invitation. "We need to talk."

- Tangle of Need 

I saw this video on Dear Author and thought it was so fun and romantic! Hope you enjoy it if you haven't seen it already - and even if you have, it's worth a second watch! :-)


Catherine said...

links been block due to copy write but saw it on TV3 news - she is one very lucky woman to have such a romantic fiance and family & friends who so clearly love the both of them.

Sandy said...

Thanks for sharing! I cried!

I had to look it up on youtube separately.

Stephanie.P said...

Under 1 day to go!
This time tomorrow I'll be reading it!

It's a good thing my hands can work on their own, because my my mind is stuffed full of speculation and anticipation!

Diane said...

That was a great video wasn't it? Everyone has seen it now for sure!
Hope you're having a grand old time!!!

Barbarita V said...

I saw it about 4 times maybe 5 :) Great video Thanks for sharing!