Friday, September 02, 2011

UK/Commonwealth Kindle Edition

...of Archangel's Blade is now available for preorder. Release date September 8th.

Here's the countdown quote for today:

It was an intimate act, one for which she asked no permission, though he was a man no one would touch without invitation.

He didn't stop her, lifting his own finger to trace the line of her jaw.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Saiqa said...

Hi Nalini,
In case you didnt read my comment on the last blog, I am sending you the pic of my henna you wanted on the email address you have given on this weblog. Hope you like it. And thanks for the new quote. I cannot wait to read it.

Wrayth Lethe said...

could you put the henna photo up on the blog? I would like to see this too :)

Saiqa said...

Hi Wrayth, Its nothing special, just a flowery pattern that says 'Archangels Blade' underneath it. However I did try and put it up on the blog, but my I.T skills arent very good and I couldnt do it. Any suggestions on how to do it?

Wrayth Lethe said...

if you have your own blog maybe? I was just curious, I draw/use henna too :) That reminds me, I did wings on my hands a year or two ago that my friend 'inked' in (I drew the pen drawing on first)

Saiqa said...

That sounds really cool Wrayth.

Wrayth Lethe said...

also happy eid? i think i vaguely remember you mentioning you did the henna for that?

Diane said...

Oh! Maybe we can have two quotes till seot 6th?

Saiqa said...

Thanks Wrayth. Yes, it was Eid on Wednesday here.

AlwaysV said...

Thnx so much for the Quotes.
Thnx for posting them here.
I'm going crazy with wanting.. :)
Wanna know everything
about Dmitri's past..
the past not even Raphael knew..


I'm sure HONOR is worthy!!! :)