Thursday, June 02, 2011

Roseville & Heart to Heart Interview

Thank you to everyone who came to the signing last night, and to the awesome staff at the Roseville B&N! It was a fantastic way to kick off the tour. :-)

I also have an interview up at Heart to Heart, the BN Romance Blog today, so swing by and check it it.

I hope you're all having a fantastic week. I'm currently sitting at the airport- next stop, New York!


Lorna McLaren from Scotland said...

I can't wait for my package to arrive from America with Kiss Of Snow in it!!!
Have a FANTASTIC tour - wish you could come to Scotland!
Your worlds and characters keep me sane! :o)
Take Care!
Love & Happiness,
Lorna xxx

Barbarita V said...

I am loving the book up to page 135. Have a great trip!

The Queen B said...

::sniffles:: Well, you were in the same state as me...if only for a moment... :P
Safe travels!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nalini
Kiss of Snow is fab. Written more like a blockbuster movie, than your other books but great fun nevertheless. Worth the wait. One little niggle (forgive me) - how can a Cardinal with unrelenting black eyes, roll them? Tried to visualise - almost impossible to do if you don't have whites in your eyes.

kindle-aholic said...

I had so much fun going to the signing, getting questions answered, and of course, my book signed. :) Thank you!

Diane said...

Got my copy, still reading, no time for blogging! It's great!!!

Madhura said...

Loved, loved, loved the book, Nalini. And it was even more awesome to meet you and have my books signed. Now, I want to read Kiss of Snow - the sequel. :D