Friday, March 26, 2021

Gollanczfest At Home


Gollanczfest has gone online this year and you can all attend for free! I’m doing a reading and the Fantasy panel. It’s taking place on Saturday 27th BST. Click here for full details.❤️


library addict said...


Hopefully I can catch on repeat as I've got a prior commitment (if I'm figuring the time zone stuff correctly.)

library addict said...

Had to wake up early, but I got to watch the panel.

Kim said...

Watched bits pf part 1 on repeat, Even figured out how to get the captioning to work after it shrank to tiny size midway through. Found Nalini's parts of the panel good. The rest... some of them really need to learn the concepts of pre-preparation (mr host) and language organization and focus when they speak! Needed a 1 hour nap just to recover afterwards! Even with muting half of what I did watch and only reading the captions. (which, of course, being captions of a live event, seriously needed some work on their accuracy!)

Wasn't until partway through part 1 that I finally figured out who the people putting in on were! (publishing company).

Sorry, don't mean to sound so grouchy. I really enjoyed Nalini's part of the panel! (Didn't have enough endurance to go back and watch her reading, sorry.)