Friday, March 19, 2021

Friday Book Club

 Time to talk books! What are you reading and loving this week?


Frasc said...

Just finished Olivia Dade's Spoiler Alert. I enjoyed so much of the book, which is a slow burn with huge amounts of mutual respect and striving for understanding between the heroine and hero. The format with excerpts from fan fiction didn't totally work for me and I got lost among many of the popular abbreviations in same. It worked for the most part. I'll definitely be adding other Olivia Dade books to my TBR pile.

Pendle said...

Finished Wild Sign by Patricia Briggs. Still in shock from the ending.

Patricia Schlorke said...

I also read and finished Wild Sign by Patricia Briggs. The book was fantastic. I laughed very hard while I was reading about Anna and Charles on a squeaky bed. My jaw dropped, and I almost cried at the ending. If anyone wants to know what @Pendel and I are talking the book. :)

I also "read" Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs. That is the one where Samuel and Ariana see each other after many, many years.

AlwaysV said...

Me too! Loving Wild Sign by Patricia Briggs so much! So worth the three-year-long wait! The Best Happy Ending ~ the creepiest villains ~ the most page time for Charles & Anna ~ Tag was a cool tag-along ~ and more! All right~ I'm back to keep rereading it now!

Also loved & reread a couple of books in Mercy Thompson's series ~ Storm Cursed because I had no memory of who Sherwood Post was. And then Smoke Bitten as well as Silence Fallen. Once I enter Alpha & Omega world ~ I have to take a detour into Mercy's world, too!

Something extra ~ I revisited Dan dos Santos's The Making of "Wild Sign" and ended up buying his "Wild Sign" poster! He blew me away the same Tony Mauro did a life time ago & I had to buy his calendar featuring the most gorgeous cover of Archangel's Consort❣️

Kim said...

@AlwaysV Neither does Sherwood! Waiting for the library to get Wild Sign, so they can fulfill my request for it. Waiting less patiently now!

Read an Ender Wiggin novella in the ebook anthology Infinite Stars last night. Set many years after Children of the Fleet.

library addict said...

Not much reading time this week as I am still watching ALL the things on my DVR.

I am almost done with Kiss of Snow in my complete series reread. (I've been sneaking chapters here and there).

AlwaysV said...

@ Kim ~ LOL your comment about Sherwood just cracked me up LOL Big Time!

@ Pendle ~ Shocked in a teary happy way for Charles & Anna ~ True? Suddenly a longed-for gift was delivered ~

@ Patricia Schlorke ~ Definitely humorous LOL ~ there were many more LOL moments! One of the BEST ~ Coyote's dry pov ~ "It tasted like eel."

@ library addict ~ Happy Watching! (I think I feel your pain ~ give me books rather than TV any day1)