Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Quiet in Her Bones


NEWS!! The international ebook and audiobook editions of Quiet in Her Bones are now out!! US/Canada copies should start downloading as soon as it turns Feb 23rd for you! 

Print Editions out in Australia and NZ, and will be out in North America on the 23rd!! Delayed by a week in the UK due to difficult circumstances on the ground for the printing and warehouse staff there. 

I hope you find yourself falling into this quietly dark story about a woman who vanished ten years ago, and has now been found in the tangled forest only a short distance from her home...still dressed in the clothes she was wearing that night. What happened to Nina Rai? Someone in her exclusive cul-de-sac knows the truth...

Thank you for all your support as I dive once more into a new genre!


library addict said...

Happy release day.

I bought my copy this morning. Of course I already started it. Hoping to squeeze more reading time in later.

Anonymous said...

It is finally here !!! Jumping in ! :)