Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Question Time

What's a perfect day look like for you? (For me it would definitely involve sleeping in!)



library addict said...

Waking up well-rested, which would probably require sleeping in. Then time to read. Dinner out or at least somebody else cooking. And cheesecake.

Reading a good book and cheesecake make for a perfect day.

Unknown said...

Reading the new book hint hint winning the lottery so I can go and buy books.

Unknown said...

Yeah, the perfect day starts with sleeping until I naturally wake up. That would be followed by pancakes and eggs, with someone else doing the dishes. ;)

Then I would have time to myself, so turn on an audio book (Archangel's Sun would be nice) and pick up the knitting.

After a couple hours of listening and knitting, (and fitting lunch in there) it would be play time with the dog. He likes an afternoon walk. (Of course, he would also like an early morning walk, a late morning walk, and an evening walk. He likes walks.)

If it's summer, some gardening time before supper out would be in the cards. In winter, a jigsaw, playing the piano, something else indoors. After supper, watching some British Mysteries, and more knitting would put a nice end on the day.

Kim said...

Hmm... not sure. Most of my days work out pretty well, so, I don't need much more than I've got, but... hmm... A good sleep, a walk listening to music, and Law & Order SVU would all be elements. Oh, and chocolate! (usually the organic dark stuff. 70-85%). Hmmm... oh, and a conversation with the friend of mine who knows me better than anyone (and has known me the longest), who always gives me a different perspective on things than I'd think of on my own. And sunshine for my walk! With the temperature being neither too hot or too cold. Probably a good book thrown in there somewhere too.