Friday, May 31, 2019

Friday Book Club

Time to talk books! What are you reading and loving this week?


library addict said...

I read Carla Negger's Southern Comfort. Some issues with the hero, particularly at the start, but thankfully he apologized for his behavior early on.

Currently reading Carla Neggers' Apple of My Eye and loving the heroine. Both are old Candlelight Ecstasy category romances not available in digital so I am reading the teeny tiny print. I resent having to wear reading glasses in addition to my contacts, but oh well.

Also reread Allegiance of Honor. Only 5 more days until Wolf Rain!

Anonymous said...

Annette Marie's Red Winter trilogy. Very romantic, and maybe the best set of books she has done. Also, Laurence Dahners's Hyllis Family stories. Those aren't romances, but are instead young adult(?) post apocalyptic tales about a family with psi abilities. Last, Jenny Schwart's Loyal Magic, third in her Faerene Apocalypse series. It kind of ends on a cliff hanger, be warned.

Anonymous said...

I am reading 'Under the Mistletoe' by Mary Balogh. Found this in an old pile that had been given by a friend and realized I had not read this ..

They are short stories with the warm Xmas feeling :)

Kim said...

I FINALLY finished "Fury" by Richelle Mead! Very good story. I like it better than the previous one in the series "Spectacle". The first one might still be my favourite though. ("menagerie").

The Hyliss family books look interesting. (looked them up online.) Wouldn't get to them any time soon though, so I think I'll leave them for now.

The next ones I want to tackle are the three Shane Dunphy ones I've got from the library. Really haven't been reading published stuff a lot lately. Doing too many other things. (have been reading old documents I wrote and stuff.)