Friday, February 05, 2016

Giraffe Manor

A reader on Facebook shared the following video and commented that it reminded her of Andromeda's breakfast story - it was actually a photograph from this place - Giraffe Manor - that inspired me to write that scene. :-)

Also, I know everyone's waiting to hear about the next Guild Hunter book. Soon, I promise. It's just simple logistics holding things up - I've had back to back copy edits and proofs this month because ALLEGIANCE OF HONOR and WILD EMBRACE are coming out so close together. Soon as I finalize the GH proposal and my editor okays it, I'll share the deets. :-)

The February newsletter has gone out with another Allegiance of Honor excerpt. If you're a subscriber and didn't get it, check all your tabs and your spam folder, and if it's not in there, email Ashwini and she'll re-send you a copy: naliniDOTassistantATgmailDOTcom


library addict said...

Giraffe Manor looks like such fun.

Enjoyed the excerpt, the update on Abe's book, and the glimpse of the international covers. Only 131 days left to go until Allegiance of Honor... *sob*

But compared to Wild Embrace's 201 it seems very close ;) :)

Thanks as always for keeping us up to date.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update that Abe's story is going to be a book and not a novella. I always thought Abe should have a whole book...that man is deep. Also, thank you for the glimpse of what's to come with Gabriel's brothers! :)

Loved the excerpt from the newsletter. More updates about pupcubs, Mercy, and Riley.

With everything else going on in my life, I'm not counting down the days to Allegiance of Honor. I figured when the book comes out, I'll be at my new place and enjoying my housewarming present from New Zealand. ;)

Patricia S

Anonymous said...

I don' t know this scene because I am waiting for the German version of "Archangel's Enigma" and this drives me crazy! But I just have to wait for 61 more days and I will manage this!
And then I will understand what you are talking about!
Just 61 more days...