Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Book Club

Time to talk books! What are you reading and loving this week?

I've just dived into the 3rd Liaden Universe Constellation by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller.

Okay, your turn!


tanja mueller said...

I've read Felicia Day's book 'Your never weird on the Internet (almost)', and I'm now in the middle of a Lost Fleet series reread (Jack Campbell). Love those books.
Archangel's enigma also happens to come out a day after my application deadline, so I'm half hoping time will go slower and half cursing it to hurry up already. At least I will have time to read it. Can't wait! :-)

Lege Artis said...

Alice by Christina Henry- dark and creepy retelling of Alice in Wonderland.
Fearless by Elliott James, third in his Prince Charming series. I love John's voice.
And Deceptions by Kelley Armstrong, third in her Cainsville series. I was disappointed considering how much I liked first two books, mostly due to fact she focused entire story on love triangle.:/
Happy weekend!

Shalet Jimmy said...

I am reading Mary Higgins Clark's " No place like Home'

Anonymous said...

Re-reading Rock Hard. Also read Rock Addiction (getting ready for Noah and Kit).

Since I found out Lois McMaster Buljold is writing a new Miles Vorkosigan book coming out February 2016 (yipee!), I'm going to read some of her books while waiting for other books to come out soon.

Patricia S

snapdragon said...

I am re-reading the Green Rider series and am on book 3 "The High King's Tomb"

Also read "Christmas at Steel Beach" by M.L. Buchman and "When a Alpha Roars" by Eve L.

Yairelys Lopez said...

I am reading Her Dark Desteny by Dave Ferraro, i just found out about his book series and so far I'm enjoying it a lot.

Jennifer Raymond said...

I've also been re-reading the Liaden Universe books. I'm on Constellation #2, to launch right into #3 soon!

I do love some Liaden Universe. They're nice and meaty, and enough of a backlist that I can go on a three week reading-binge before I'm finished.

Penelope Crampton said...

I am reading two by Georgette Heyer: Bath Tangle, and The Tollhouse

Anonymous said...

To the lady who introduced us here to the Warrior Sheep books, thank you. Maybe your boy would like Hank the Cow Dog. The books are good, he audio versions are wonderful.

Penric's Demon, the Liaden Universe Constellation II, and re-reading Sherrilyn Kenyon's books have also been wonderful this week.

Anonymous said...

I like the Constellation books!

I just re-read Rock Addiction and Rock Courtship so the picture from Mt Eden is quite appropriate. :)