Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Random Q&A: Answers

Okay, I randomly picked ten of the posted questions (plus a couple of related ones) and answered them below. If you snuck in two or three questions at once, I picked only one to answer. 

Don't worry if your question didn't get answered. We'll do this again sometime.

1. Will we get to know if Vivek gets made soon or at all?
You'll find out the answer in the GH book after ARCHANGEL'S STORM.

2. Do you plan to write another series or book beside PsyChangeling and Guild Hunter like what you do last year with Harlequin Nocturne?

No, not at this stage. I really want to focus on the GH and Psy/Ch series.

3.(a) Do you see yourself writing a story about Kit or any of the juveniles? or any of the younger characters (Keenan/ Noor, Ben/Marlee)?

(b) Have you considered or are you going to write a YA series based on the Psy/Changeling young?

(c) Are we going to get a story about Kit of the Psy/Changeling universe? I thought he was awesome in Kiss of Snow and I'd love to see about him!

These three are related, so I thought I'd answer them together.

I currently have no plans to do a stand-alone YA series based on the Psy/Changeling young. I prefer not to separate out characters into different series (which is not to say you might not see storylines featuring the younger characters within the books).

I also don't like doing big time jumps, and since everyone  mentioned above (except for Kit), is currently very young, I don't have any plans to write separate stories for them yet.

As for Kit - he's a possibility, but he's got some growing up to do yet .

4. When an angel becomes an Arcangel how does that new person gain a territory? Do they have to fight or does the Cadre meet and realign boundaries?

The latter. It's part of the angelic "political system" so to speak, that a new archangel is assigned territory and given a certain period of time to settle in (approx a hundred years) before any of the other archangels can challenge him or her.

This is referenced a little bit in ANGELS' DANCE.

5. Hi there, how do you find managing your career from NZ? I know you do travel approx how often a year do you find that happens?

With the internet, it truly doesn't matter where you're based, either in terms of the writing/editing/publishing side of things, or when it comes to connecting with readers (hi everyone!).

I travel a lot because I enjoy it, but you don't necessarily need to travel at all.

6. How long do we have to wait to find out who the Ghost is?

Only another twenty books.


Sorry, couldn't resist. It won't be toooooo long - it's a tough secret to keep!!

7. Will you ever write a story focusing on a changeling pack other than SnowDancer or DarkRiver?

Yes. I've been thinking about a book featuring the falcons for a while. In terms of when that'll happen, I'm fairly certain it'll be after the completion of the main series arc.

8. Oh and is Venom after Jason?

No. We're going to back to Elena and Raphael. :-)

9. Will you ever write a book that shares a little of each of the Psy/Changeling couples HEA's?

I'd love to do this, but the timing isn't right yet.

10. How many more books in the Psy/Changeling series do you think you will write?

I see approx 2-4 more books until the end of this story arc. So if you're reading for that arc, you will get a satisfying conclusion.

After that, I'd like to explore aspects of the world and its characters that we haven't seen as much to date. The world is so vibrant and alive, that so long as there are stories to tell within it, I'll happily continue to write them.


Trini said...

Lol @ the Ghost comment. You are so great to your readers while at the same time torturing us! :)

And I cannot wait for Venom's book but I guess I will have to... sniff sniff

In any case, no matter who or what your books contain, I love reading them.

PeppyPilotGirl said...

Thank you!

Sasha H said...

Very good questions, some I never even thought of (YA for example).

Looking forward to as many arcs as possible in the Psy/Changeling world Nalini, so please keep exploring it. :)

Can't wait to find out how Elena's and Raphael's relationship has developed since we last spent in-depth time with them.

Sarah (saz101) said...

Oh my goodness! A new Raphael and Elena story! EEEEEE! I'm freaking out with joy XD

julieann37 said...

Thanks for the Q & A insights!I can't wait to find out who the Ghost is!As long as you continue to write i will continue to buy your books!

AP said...

Thanks for this Q&A cant wait for the new Tangle of Need and especially for my Jason in Storm! You are awesome for doing this and just awesome in general. =)

Anonymous said...

What about Illium!! I adore him... I hope he gets a story one day!

Shana said...

And I will happily continue to read each and every book you write. : )

Quibbler said...

Brain blank, what is HEA's?

I love your work no matter what, but for the Guild Hunter series the one I really want to see more of is Aodhan, which means I'm a little dissappointed about 'Storm' since, from the blurb, It looks like we spend very little to no time in New York, and that's where Aodhan's suppposed to be going *pout*
On the other hand, Jason's my second favourite after Aodhan (Strong, Silent and Wary = Swoon :-P), so I'm sure I'll love it anyway.

Benedicte Denmark said...

Super q&a. Thank you for those answers.

Have a noggling suspicion as o the id of the Ghost, but we'll just see, if I'm right.

Keep putting out book in the Psy/Ch world. Have loved every story and gotten my sister and friend hooked as well.

Dolly said...

Sincerely appreciate the impromptu Q & A.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Diane said...

I'm glad we will see Elena and Raphael. I love this couple!!! So many differences between them and yet they are completely one.

KT Grant said...

So in these 2-4 books, I assume Kaleb will have his time to shine? *puppy dog eyes*

GLORIA said...

Thank you for sharing any info you can :) Love all your books and can't wait for more!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your psy-changeling series. As long as you keep writing them I will still be faithfully reading!

Kristi said...

Fun! Thanks for doing this, Nalini!

So, not tooo long for the Ghost story...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great info! I can't believe I missed my chance to ask a question but that comes from living in the wrong time zone lol!!

Ashlee said...

Thank you for not jumping on the YA bandwagon and starting a new series! So many authors seem to be doing that and it feels like they're turning their backs on those of us if who can't stand YA. I can't wait to read more Psy/Ch books!

Anonymous said...

As long as you write Psy-Changeling books, I will gladly read. My favorite series by far. Thanks for all your hard work!

Kate L said...

Adding my thanks for the impromtu Q&A. You can tell Nalini knows our pain. As the days draw closer to the release of Tangle, it just gets worse. This Q&A session offers us fodder for our imaginations and will get us through a few of these next days.

The questions people asked were AWESOME--Vivek, Kit and the other children, expanding the Psy-Changeling world down the road. Loved it all.

Anonymous said...

I like YA! :D But I didn't really expect you to write YA as it would definitely be a weird follow up to all the grown-ups stories beforehand. I did like Beat of Temptation a lot, though, since I do enjoy YA most of the time when it's not too teenage-angsty (BoT was not!) Thx so much for the q&a session, it was quite interesting!

fishgirl182 said...

back to elena and raphael - yay! and i can't wait to find out who the ghost is. i have my suspicions but it'll be fun to see who it really is. :)

ST said...

Thanks Nalini! Can't wait for all the books.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the opportunity to ask questions :) I just love both series. For GH series...we still need a book from Illium, Aodhan, Caliane, Raphael ans Elena and the other couples, Vivek,...etc...keep them coming. For Psy/Ch..there is still alot to tell...hmm, especially the answer who is the Ghost....I think I already know, but we'll see....just can't wait so long :(

Sherri L. said...

I missed out on the Q&A but I enjoyed reading the answers to everyone else's questions. I'll read either series as long as you keep them coming I really enjoy them both and can't wait for the next books in both series.

Always V said...

Thnx so much for this Q & A session :)
You're the BEST <3

I've got such a kick out of
the idea that you need only 2-4 more books
to complete the arc!!!!

Cuz I instinctively FEEL that
Kaleb's story has to be ONE among the 2-4!!!

I remember someone speculated that his story
would be so perfect as a FINALE !!!
I'm all for that to happen.

Many More thanks on no YA :lol:
Nothing against the YA per se.
I just DON'T read it.

nirbhava said...

Can't believe I missed out on my chance to ask my questions but they got answered anyway. So thanks to all those who asked those awesome questions.

My heart literally stopped when I read that you will reveal the Ghost's identity in twenty books...

But that 'Mwahaha' bit was my favouret.
Can't wait for Elena/Raphial book
And the Psy/Changelling books too

You are awesome Nalini

Hi Quibbler

HEA means Happily Ever After

Anonymous said...

So so so glad Elena and Raphael are returning. Definitely my fav couple. :D

Anneela said...

Very satisfying...like a yummy dessert without the fat! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! I guess I missed the window of opportunity to ask questions.. ah well, next time.

I'm glad that you're considering writing about other changelings. I think Adam the falcon would be a good story to tell. How about those bears in Alexie and Kaleb territory - that ought to be good too.

After Hawke, the story I am most waiting for is that of Kaleb.

And please consider the Snowdancer/DarkRiver territory - the San Francisco bay area during one of your trips.

Malika said...

Yes! Back to Elena and Raphael. They're my favorite couple, but i really wanna see Aodhan and Venom, too. Oo, and Naasir. I fell in love with him when he made his GH debut.

krissa said...

Nooo :( Back to E&R? What about Aodhan? I'm a lot more interested in Aodhan than in an already established couple...

However, thanks for not jumping on the YA genre. I don't read it and it would suck if you spent a lot of time writing books in a genre I don't like, when you could write something I look forward to reading.
Plus, your books are so sensual, if you started on YA we would loose a lot of the atmosphere of the books.

Anonymous said...

Another Elena/Raphael book?!?! WHOOP WHOOP!!

Anonymous said...

A new Archangel book. Best news ever!!!! One last question - maybe for next time? In the A.S. except, Elena says she considers her and Raphael married, so, will Elena and Raphael exchange their amber for gold??

CA Preston said...

I tripped over your series about a year ago and am so hooked! Can't wait for midnight as that is my kindle version of Tangle....and I'll head over to the bookstore for a hard copy....Please keep writing about Psy as I can't wait to learn about Kaleb and some other the "minor/major" charatures!

Unknown said...

I would love to see a book featuring the dark twin to Dorian's mate. (psy/changeling). As well as the thawed out lady, and the two council members with children mated to the leopards.
As well as the two leaders of the special ops types for the psy, that would be awesome.

I also think a new mate for Raphael's mom would be totally cool. Maybe the tiger like vampire. I would be really bumbed out if she doesn't find happiness again, she sounds like a really sweet one, and maybe even illiums mom finding some sudden grounding with someone, coming out of her broken state. And of course, the white diamond Aodhan(sp?), his story must needs to be told.

Excuse the ramble, but with regards your stories, I do dream up some hopes for the characters.

Gladice said...

This question has been circling me for some time. I am wondering if Dmitri and Honor's children are reincarnated as Nassir and Holly?

Anonymous said...

Hi a huge European fan here,

I have a collectors question concerning all your magnificent book series.
Of course I don’t ever want you to stop writing, but I’m also hoping to buy a complete hardcover set in the future.
Will you consider selling a complete collection in soft or hardcover with the same design style cover?

Thank you for the laughs, tears, the butterflies and red cheeks.. for brightening our lives with your talent.

Unknown said...

Hi, love your Guild Hunter series.
So very desperate for Illium and Aodhans story to be told! Will this be the next book?