Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DABWAHA & Oddshots

Archangel's Kiss has been nominated in the DABWAHA - make sure you all fill in your brackets. The prizes are awesome.

And when the voting rounds begin, why, I might be giving away some prizes if Archangel's Kiss wins. ;-) Everything's fair in the DABWAHA - speaking of which, check out my Oddshots post.


Louise said...

Very cool =)

chocolatekate6 said...

I just went to the site and filled in my picks! and yes, i did pick Archangels kiss as the grand final winner! Fingers crossed

Anna said...

Not to sound like a twit but I couldn't figure out the brackets. It looked confusing to me. I will try again later.

Anna - bracket challenged

Jennifer K. said...

Anna, it took me a couple tries to do the bracket, too. Of course, Archangel's Kiss ended up the winner!

Jennifer (bracket challenged)

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I voted. :) By the way everyone- amazon preorder for kiss of snow is up.

elizabeth said...

I, too, voted and chose archangel's kiss as the winner. Hope it comes true. It was a great book.

Mari said...

DABWAHA is so much fun Nalini!
At first I didn't get it. I'm not into sports or anything like that so it didn't make much sense.

I did my picks anyway. That was fun cuz I found some new books to read.

Now I get it and it's loads of fun to see how well I predicted who would win.

I hope my luck continues.