Sunday, February 06, 2011

UK, Australia & NZ Kindle Readers

The Kindle pre-order link for Archangel's Consort is now up! So is the Mine to Possess Kindle pre-order link. Both will be available February 10th.

And Caressed By Ice is now available on Kindle. Judd! :-)

Edited to add: The above links are to Amazon UK. If they don't work for you, these links to the U.S. Amazon site should. (Thanks to Kerry for the heads-up).

Archangel's Consort
Mine to Possess
Caressed By Ice

NB: Just a reminder that there is another writer also now publishing under the name Nalini Singh on Kindle, so please always double-check my website to make sure I'm the author before you buy anything thinking it's by me. Or you can email me to check (nalinisinghwritesATgmailDOTcom). :-)


Anonymous said...

Do you know about when the pre-order for Kiss of Snow will be available via kindle? Thanks!

Kerry said...

I've pre-ordered. But this New Zealander had to go to the US Amazon site, not the UK one to be able to do so. So, I'm guessing it will be the same for the Aussies.

Nalini Singh said...

Anon - probably not for a while. Kindle pre-order links tend to become live closer to the release dates.

Kerry - thanks for that! I tested the download with Caressed By Ice so didn't realize! Will edit the blog with a note.

Trac said...

I heart you! You totally made my day!!! Much thanks!!! =)

Anonymous said...
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ThaiHa said...

Hi Nalini,

I love your Guild Hunter books so much. I'm still waiting for the 3rd book, since it takes me more than 4 weeks for the book to go from Amazon to VietNam (poor me!).

Just want to say your work is wonderful, I hope this series 'll have more than 4 books ! BY the way, do you mind a little spoiler? I just want to know if Elena and Raphael 'll be back on the 4th book ?