Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Awesome Fan Art

I'm getting some great fan art sent to me. Check out these! (I've got some more saved for next week).

This image was created by Laura/Arualy, inspired by the Guild Hunter series.

This one was created by Melanie Bradshaw, and inspired by the Psy/Changeling series. Melanie also has another piece at this link.

If you've done fan art, let me know, or leave a link in the comments :) And as always, if you'd like to use the artwork in any way, please contact the artist(s).

Also, the Q & A is still going on - you've got until Sunday to get your questions in.

(The Friday Book Club post will be up tonight.)


Barbarita V said...

love the art peices!

Katherine said...

One of the forum members, Tabitha, has been doing some INCREDIBLE fan art as well. Its really professional looking.

Anonymous said...

here is my fanart to one of my favorite characters of 'Archangel's Blood' and 'Rachangel's kiss':
Venom ->

and here is another pic I made.. it shows Raphael and Elena