Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Writing Update, Maya Banks & Links

I've sent off the galleys for Bonds of Justice and the copy edits for Whisper of Sin, and am now back at work on the third Guild Hunter book. Right now I'm working on a scene that features a certain "dance."

My friend Maya Banks' newest book, Sweet Tempation has just released! Maya writes super hot erotic romance, but always with a heart. I just love her voice.

This book is part of the series that began with Sweet Surrender and I'd recommend reading the series in order so you get a deeper sense of the relationships between the characters.

Compelling and intense, I have to admit Sweet Tempation pushed me past my comfort zone, but given that it is Micah's book, that was to be expected. I'm very much looking forward to seeing where Maya takes this series next.

Follow the links to read excerpts!


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And check out this very funny post and giveaway by Devon Monk on Ilona Andrews' blog.


Madhura said...

I love Maya's writing too. The Sweet series is very sexy and emotional, love it.

Am hoping to read Micah's story soon. Glad to see you liked it.

orannia said...

Congrats Nalini on completing the galleys for Bonds of Justice and the copy edits for Whisper of Sin!

A dance? Are we allowed to know who might be dancing? Dmitri on a dancefloor would be...*fans self*

I really like Maya's work and look forward to reading this next installment in the Sweet series :) Thank you for the heads up Nalini!

Negine said...

So thrilled that you're writing the next guild hunter and that it continues Raphael & Elena's story..I LOVE them ;) speaking of my favorite couple I'm hoping this "dance" to be the archangel's "dance" with his hunter in flight! *wink*

I adore your writing voice Nalini have a fangirl for life ;)

P.S. already inhaled Micah's book..HOT! very curious about Connor & Cole..hope they get their books too!

Julia said...

Oh my god! Finally! The Angels dance!

Anonymous said...

I think the dance might be referring to Raphael's comment toward the end of Archangel's Kiss when he tells Elena that they'll dance with their knifes later.

Becs B said...

Oh, I am so hoping this is finally the "Dance" between Raphael & Elena that is referred to in Archangel's kiss, and...Im pretty sure its going to be a very 'hot' dance :) hehehe, cant wait.