Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hellhounds & Auf Wiedersehen Germany

First, some super duper good news - MUST LOVE HELLHOUNDS hit the New York Times short list!! Thank you everyone :-)

I've just had two fantastic days in Frankfurt!

The day I arrived, I spent with (the absolutely wonderful) Cora, who occasionally posts on this blog. (Hi Cora!) We walked our feet to exhaustion exploring Frankfurt, and ended up at the gorgeous Palmengarten - pictures to come once I get a chance to resize them for easy loading.

We had so much fun and I could've gone on chatting with Cora for ages about books, but jet lag hit me like a runaway train and sent me to bed at 7pm. Next time, Cora, we'll go dancing at midnight ;-)

Yesterday, I went to Heidelberg and saw an amazing castle. So old I could feel the weight of history all around me. The little town at the foot of the castle was just gorgeous, with its cobblestone paths and grand church. I feel a book set in a castle coming on...

I definitely need to come back and explore Germany properly. But today, it was goodbye to Frankfurt and hello to London!


kerrilouise said...

Ack. You're in London! Are you planning on having a signing or something?

Curious minds with lots of NS books would like to know.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the time with you, too.
Next time, when I fly to NZ, it’s your turn to show me the sightseeing’s in your beautiful country.
I’ll bring my dancing shoes… ;-)
Till then have a good time and take good care of you.


Willa said...

WoW! You are doing a grand tour!

So, where to next? Nosy minds want to know . .

Anonymous said...

I´m glad that you enjoyed Germany!
And for the castles... we`ve a lot to visit:-).

karima said...
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karima said...

Dear Nalini,

what a beautiful conicidence:-)! Not long ago, I visited friends in Heidelberg and we went to the castle and the old town at night. The atmosphere was simply magical. There was some mist on the Rhein river, the old stones, wow, sigh...
Yeah! A love story in a castle, hmmmmm, with an Angel :-), that would be perfect...
By the way, we do have fantastic castles in Bavaria, I wish you would come over there...
Have a wonderful time.

Julia said...

yeah, come back to germany! we´d like to see you! Rostock is a beautiful town^^ my sister is currently in london and she wants to know if you are signing books somewhere?

Carolyn Crane said...

Congratulations on the anthology! You guys deserve it. I hope you're having a fun trip.

Una said...

Are you on vacation, Nalini? If so, it sounds wonderful so far. I hope you continue to have a fabulous time!

Congratulations on "Hellhounds!" I'm picking up a copy this week to red, I can't wait!

orannia said...

Congrats on the anthology! Fantastic news!

Ahhhhh, London! I would so love to go and visit friends there. I hope you have a wonderful time Nalini!

MaL said...

Just wanted to let you know, it took forever for me to find "Must Love Hellhounds" at Barnes and Nobles. The placed it in Sci-Fi/Fantasy section.

Nalini Singh said...

Kerri / Julia - probably just an informal coffee on the 4th of Oct. Email me if you're interested!

Cora, see you again in NZ!

Willa - Scotland at the moment :)

Eva - I loved it!

Karima - this was a flying visit, but I really do want to return to Germany for a longer visit one day :)

Carolyn / Orannia - thanks!

Una - yep. A vacation traveling across the UK :-)

Mal, thanks for the heads-up!

Calliope said...

Speaking of Hellhound, when will there be an excerpt of ARCHANGEL'S KISS available? I'm DYING for a fix to tied me over til its release. ^^

Nalini Singh said...

There'll be a full chapter in back of BLAZE OF MEMORY :)