Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Of Sleep

I'm very sleepy. Max and his heroine kept me up till all hours of the night.

That is all.


orannia said...

*passes Nalini a large number of pillows, pulls down the blinds and tiptoes to the door*

I hope whatever they were doing they were having fun :)

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Does Kaleb keep you up also?
*blink blink*

orannia said...

*sits down next to KB to await Nalini's reply*

Any information about Kaleb is always greatly appreciated *grin*

Aymless said...

Orannia/KB: You guys crack me up.

Allison('s)Reads said...

Nalini, sweet dreams.

Nalini Singh said...

Kaleb, hmm, he made me write a whole scene all about him.

Julia said...

Shouldn´t you sleep?
We could sing you a song, you know? My grandma always did that to me. Or we could read to you. Although, a story from you would be even more appreciated^^

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Nalini: That Kaleb is really look for attention.

Orannia: Sorry, I laid claim to Kaleb many years ago. I don't like to share.

karima said...


I am reading Nalini's Changelings/Psy book 3, I am not done yet. I love it so far but what I don't understand is the fascination some of you guys seem to have for Kaleb??? Please, can someone tell me why. I've just heard of Kaleb in the 3rd book and I don't like him at all. Do things change after that?
Perhaps it will make sense to me in later books :-).
Hope you are all having a wonderful time.

karima said...

Hi Nalini,

I wish you sweet dreams :-). You have been "slaving away" for us (the pleasure of reading your fantastic stories). Thanks!
Have a wonderful time,

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, Nalini, went to sleep dreaming about Kaleb!

Karima, you will learn more about Kaleb- or not, he is the ultimate mystery man!- as the books go along. LOL

Una said...

Kaleb is one who you really aren't sure what side he is on (besides his own).

Nalini - I hope you got a full and super restful night's sleep!

karima said...

Thanks Una and Patty but still what makes him so fascinating for you guys?
Do you hope he will get his own book and his own hot steaming love story :-)?
But then why? He must have showed you something special???
Please tell me more

Anonymous said...

Sleepless nights because of Max`s book... - Does this mean that you`ll awake your readers or your charcters with this story? {My thoughts were racing....*g*}.


Anonymous said...

Karima, the draw to Kaleb is what is left unsaid. Kaleb is an enigma. As you continue to read the books you will learn enough about him to know that he is an uber-gifted Psy, extremely driven, and undoubtedly good-looking in the extreme.

But, who is he exactly? You will have to continue to read to draw your own conclusions! LOL

Una said...

Patty is right on. Kaleb is intriguing. He is similar to the "tall, dark, mysterious" man that you just can't get a read on but you are strangely drawn to. Partially because as the clues about Kaleb are revealed through the books, none of those clues help to unravel is as if more information clouds him further, drawing you closer...

Anonymous said...

Kaleb... is he a bad boy with a heart of gold or really just a villain? We don't know yet, but I think the lure of the first possibility is what's keeping us all intrigued by him, because, really, who can resist a bad boy?


Christina said...

Kaleb! ^_^ I fully expect Kaleb to get his own story, Karima. After Hawke's book. Patty and Una are right--the intrigue is the fact that we see only enough of Kaleb to want more. In the next few books we catch a few more glimpses into Kaleb--things he has, things he does-- and its enough to try to bribe more info from Nalini. (I won't go into to much detail so that you can learn about it for yourself in the next few books). But, I have been asking for Kaleb's own book since Visions when he joined the council.

Nalini-- sleep tight! My sleeping hours completely changed in Grad school. Night is day, day is night...

Aymless said...

*nods* Kaleb is indeed the ultimate mystery in the Psy-Changeling world. And Nalini loves to tease us with little tibbits info. Lots of question still to be answered:

* Where is Sahara and what's her story? I've been wanting more of her since VoH
* What's Hawke's deal? Per the website Indigo's after Max. And it looks like Nalini's once again teasing us as to who is next. Just who is Mr. Impatient? Hawke or perhaps Kaleb. *g*
* Can I take Vasic home? You all can fight over Kaleb while I sneak away with Vasic.

Una said...

Now, now, Aymless, I'm not trying to take Kaleb home...he just interests me. If I had a choice, Hawke is most definitely coming home with me!

*ducks immediately expecting retaliation*

Shhh, just don't tell my hubby! =)

Aymless said...

Una: Your secret is safe with me. ^_`

karima said...

My thanks to all of you for telling me more about Kaleb. It sounds intriguing, indeed :-)!
I prefer the cats, I think they are the hottest thing in the universe :-)!
Would love to have my own mate :-)!
I am sure some of you have the same wish??