Wednesday, March 25, 2009


That's what I'm doing, hence the fly-by post. I did see a couple of links on the blog feed that might be of interest.

Dear Author is giving away Lisa Kleypas's newest release in their Save the Contemporary Campaign

The Knight Agency is holding a contest where you can send in three line submissions of your book. (Also, don't forgot to drop by the blog every Tuesday - they give away books every week).

What're you guys up to?


Rahaf said...

I'm in full blown writing mode as well, although no one gets it on in my book. Sigh. Shame. ;)

What are you working on?

Una said...

Currently, I am work. Gotta love the 10 minute break.

Hope you all have a fabulous day/night!

Jackie M (Literary Escapism) said...

I just finished up my review of Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews and am trying to write one for Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs, but I'm not focused on it.

orannia said...

Good luck Nalini with the writing!

*rushes over to pl;ump Nalini's pillows*

And thank you for the head's up! Am really looking forward to reading Sweet Talking Stranger!

orannia said...

I meant Smooth Talking Stranger. *SIGH* It has so been one of those days :(

May said...
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Courtney said...

Just hanging. Getting ready for the new baby. And kind of sick of being pregnant, though mostly I'm just sick of wearing the same clothes over and over. LOL

jenyc said...

Should be working, but poking around this blog, I'm new to it :)

I started reading the books (which I love) just last week and getting ready to go to lunch so i can finish the last few pages of HtP.


Anonymous said...

My final thesis for my Case Management certification has been accepted. And till the end of this year I´ll have finished the rest of this learning process (Finally:)). But the best of this week is, that Amazon ´ll send me "Angels Blood" till Friday. I plan to read it though (My poor husband!:)).

Katherine said...

Y'all are having too much fun.

I've been looking for work and coming up empty. Got threatened with foreclosure yesterday because I can't afford my condo's regime fee. Needless to say I'm pretty depressed.

Nalini Singh said...

Rahaf - Angel's Kiss

Una - right back at you :)

Jackie - Bone Crossed is my reward after I finish this draft. I'm salivating to get to it!!

Orannia - pillow help appreciated ;-)

Courtney - when's the baby arrive? You must keep us all updated!

Jenyc - welcome!! :-)

Eva - hope you enjoy!

((Katherine)) - I hope thinks get better for you soon. Sending my best wishes your way.

Katherine said...

Thanks Nalini. They really can't get a whole lot worse. At least not without some other major life-altering event happening.