Friday, January 25, 2019

Friday Book Club

Time to talk books! What are you reading and loving this week?


Patricia S said...

Reading One Fell Sweep by Ilona Andrews. This is the third book in the Innkeeper series. It does stand alone, but it's better if you read the first two (Sweep in Peace and Clean Sweep) then this one.

library addict said...

Read Toni Anderson's Edge of Survival. I liked the main characters, but wished I'd liked the story itself more.

Reread Shield of Winter.

Planning to start Jill Shalvis latest, Playing for Keeps, this evening. It's part of her Heartbreaker Bay series.

WraythRose said...

Read city of brass & kingdom of copper, an unkindness of magicians, the burglar & a bunch of rereads. I liked these, the first two are book 1 & 2 of a trilogy set in a sort of Muslim djinn secret city. I quite liked it, first book was a little slow in the middle of the first half, but still a good book.

I did like an unkindness book. Society of magic users in new York, & it's time to pick champions & battle it out to see whose house rises, but the protagonist has a different plan. The magic battles at the beginning of the competition are displays of magic not straight into fighting.

Last one, the burglar, decent thriller mystery easy book. A burglar finds a trio of dead bodies in an empty house & has to solve it as the murderer comes after her :)

Eva said...

Ocean Light. I loved it!
... - Now I want to read a grumpy walrus comedy love story. LOL

Anonymous said...

Secrets from the Grave #6 by B L Brunnemeir. Enjoying the series because it is different. (despite some editing issues and the characters are too young for the romance aspect) Sadly did not enjoy this book. For me it was all over the place and the characters were all off. It read like someone else wrote it.

Gypsy Freak (All the Pretty Monsters) by Kristy Cunning. Strange series that keeps me coming back because it is so different and I am not sure where it is going. Warning- All cliff hangers.

Don't Bait Me Nora Jacobs #3 by Jackie May Better than book 2

Cyan Toxin (Mixologist and Pirates Book) #4 by Frost Kay. Really enjoying this series. Futuristic and very different. Warning - All cliff hangers

Wicked Games (Tech Witch) by M.J. Scott
Happy to find some different stories I have not encountered before that have engaging well developed characters and interesting, unusual plots. When you devour books for over 40 years, it becomes hard to find something that is a good way :)