Friday, November 09, 2018

Friday Book Club

The Friday Book Club is now open. What are you reading and loving this week?


library addict said...

I finally read Lucy Parker's Act Like It (London Celebrities #1). I had some issues with the plot, but overall I really enjoyed it.

I also read Rebecca Crowley's Parking Lot Cowboy.

Much of my reading time this week has been spent watching Hallmark Christmas movies :) My favorite so far is Road to Christmas.

Patricia S said...

I read Diamond Fire by Ilona Andrews. I loved it. Re-read Allegiance of Honor and skimmed over Ocean's Light.

Also read Archangel's Prophecy. Nalini and Ashwini: I am so sorry that other readers were stupid in the Archanel's Prophecy spoiler thread. I don't blame you for closing it. Ilona and Gordon Andrews had the very same problem on one of their comment threads. Ilona was so mad, she shut down the comments too. The rest of us who were being polite turned on those who weren't so nice. I enjoy everything both of you put in the blog. Please know not everyone is too stupid to be courteous.

Patricia S said...

Archangel's Prophecy. Not what I wrote above. Too little sleep.

Anonymous said...

I share similar thoughts as Patricia - sad and sorry that you had to close down the thread.

I am reading 'Fall' by Kristen Callihan - so far so good. :)

Eva said...

I'm sorry that the spoiler thread had to be closed. I always loved the possibility of an exchange (if there is an exchange). Also I can't understand why there are so many upset about the cliffhanger. - I've had worse and I know Nalini is a romantic😍😘.

This week I'm reading Mayra und der Prinz von Terrestra by Marita Grimke.
She's a lelatively new German author. I really like this book so far.

Ararose said...

I'm still working on Archangel's Prophecy. I've had a busy week, so slow reading. BUT I have a nice 3-day weekend coming up, so I'm very much looking forward to some book time this weekend! Oh, and I've got Diamond Fire lined up to read after I finish Archangel's Prophecy.
I am listening to the audiobook of Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch, but I'm having trouble getting past the language barrier. Maybe this is one I should have read in print form rather than going for the audiobook? I don't know if I'll continue the series after this one.

Eva said...

you can vote for Nalini`s books!

Anonymous said...

Making my way through Universal Alien by Gini Koch. Loved Archangels prophecy - took 5 days to get to the store - but totally loved/hated the "cliffhanger", did wonder for a minute what Naasir was doing in Raphael's bed though! Then I re-activated the brain cell!! :-) ignore the haters Nalini- your books/writing rocks, and so do you!

Anonymous said...

Loved Archangel’s Prophecy- actually read it, then reread sections hoping to get insight into the next book. Great job! Am now reading the other books in the series again!

Anonymous said...

Reread Prophecy..
I loved it both times.Elena Raphael books are your best in the series.Not that Nassirs or Janviers or Saras or Galens story were not very very good,you understand. But this has outdone them all.

I am keeping faith that the next book ,if I understand it right ,will be a continuation off the story.
Don't lose heat Nalini,people are only outraged coz they expect so much from from you.You have set the bar sky high.
Love your writing.

Also ,Diamond Fire by IA loved that too.
Also read ,To catch a rogue by
Bec Mcmaster and loved that too.

And re-read, one of my favorites ,In too deep by Jayne Anne Krentz.

Unknown said...

I just read your Psy-Changeling series and the Archangel series. I am so caught up in both. I have read a lot of series before and yours are the best ever. I will definitely keep up with the new releases. Thank you so much for sharing your books with me.

Anonymous said...

Summer in Tuscany by Elizabeth Adler. I needed a warm place during a cold and rainy long weekend!