Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Book Club

Time to talk books! What are you reading and loving this week?


library addict said...

Finally read Craving Beauty which I loved. It was the last of your Silhouette/M&B titles in my TBR and I'd been putting off reading it so I wouldn't be done with them all. But then again, that's why there's rereads ;) :)

I also really enjoyed the first book in Carla Neggers' Boston PD/FBI series, The Widow. I've just started the second book, The Angel.

Anonymous said...

Finding Laura by Kelly Lucille. Fun read with quirky characters. Not sure how she made these two opposites work but she did. Did not like the first in the series so I stopped there. Decided to take a chance on this one and the sample sucked me in. Glad I gave it a try.

Anonymous said...

Just received my copy of Jay Crownover's "Built" today and can't wait to get started =)

miki said...

i'm starting black arts by faith hunter

snapdragon said...

I've been reading the Lost Fleet series by Jack Campbell and I am on book 4. This is a great series and the action scenes are really good.

Read "Wild Cat" By Feehan and the book was alright. I believe I am just getting tired of a book with mostly sex and no real story. This has been going on for a while with her books.

SkipBeat said...

Currently finishing Bonds of Justice... then I am planing to re-read another of my favourites, this time a Regency romance by Stephanie Laurens; The Promise in a Kiss.

Can I ask if you'd ever consider writing a Historical or Regency novel?

Lyndi W. said...

Just devoured the first five books in the Hellcat Series. I'm enjoying the bad-ass vampire hunter chicks with swords right now. Gotta find more!

Eva said...

Finally Shards of Hope. Loved it!
Ah... your writing is addictive Nalini*g*.
- Now I want MORE! Particular of the creaky old man & Tamar and Nikita & Antony.

Anonymous said...

I have read these short stories from our Nalini in German ;)

Desert Warrior
Awaken the Senses
Craving Beauty
To Have and to Hold
Marriage Bed Secrets
Awaken to Pleasure

I especially liked the story of Vicki and Caleb (Marriage Bed Secrets) and the one of Jessica and Gabe (To Have and to Hold).
But all stories are great!
And it was funny that in the English version in one short story the main Charakters were called Jackson and Taylor and in the German Version Jackson and Andrea!