Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday Book Club

It's time for the Friday Book Club. What are you reading and loving this week?


Anonymous said...

Really random this week, I am reading Christina Rossetti Poems. She is really accessible and her descriptions of love and loss can bring me to tears. Guess the weather is making me feel a little melancholy (grey, and rainy and wintery in Edinburgh)

ladyreadsalot66 said...

From now until Christmas it will be mostly rereads as my hubby has banned me from buying any new books til afterwards.
He has to purloin my tablet at some point to find out what I am missing. If he just looks at the shelves he doesn't know what I have as ebooks. Two years ago he gave me 4 of your books which was awesome but unfortunately I already had them as ebooks so I traded them for some of yours I did not have yet. Still awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I finally read Dark Horse by Michelle Diener (I hope I spelled her last name correctly). I had to get in book form (that is a long story). I liked it a lot.

Now, it's mostly re-reads with a few new books coming in before Christmas and the new year. Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the United States, so I didn't read a lot (also am sick with either a head cold or a mild form of the flu---not good :( ).

@ladyreadsalot66---your hubby is awesome for getting you books he thinks you don't have (even though you do). I do that with my mom. I tell her that she has the book on her Nook, but she still wants it in book form. :)

Patricia S

library addict said...

Loved Controlled Burn by Shannon Stacey (Book 2 in her Boston Fire series).

Also enjoyed Cavanaugh Strong by Marie Ferrarella (Cavanaugh Justice #28).

Currently reading Alissa Callen's What Love Sound Like and really like it so far.

Anonymous said...

Finished The Memory Thief by Emily Colin. Oddly enjoyable novel about dealing with loss and grief and the patience of love. First book for author, but you come to appreciate the characters.

Eva said...

Read your LYX Interview Nalini and discovered a great picture of you!

And a few Wallpapers of your books:

Road Tripper said...

I read and enjoyed Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews last week and went out looking to see what else is available. I decided to try their Innkeeper Chronicles. Before I knew it I had read books 1 and 2 (Clean Sweep and Sweep in Peace) thoroughly enjoying both books. Read Cast in Honor by Michelle Sagara between the 2.

I'm thinking I will be doing some revisiting of the Psy-Changling books during the holidays.
So many books, so little time! :-)

Anonymous said...

Not quite reading, but I finally got all my bookshelves moved into new house, and been having a great time rediscovering all my books as I unpack them!!