Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Book Club

Kicking off the Friday Book Club a little early. What are you reading and loving this week?

p.s. I'm reading through all the suggested quotes here and on Facebook to decide which ones will go on the mug and it's so hard to choose! We might have to have a Part I and a Part II lol!


library addict said...

Read Jaci Burton's Hope Burns and Love After All. I enjoyed Jill Shalvis' Still the One. So now I am all caught up on those two series.

Currently reading Cindy Gerard's Running Blind.

I've also read the new excerpt from Shards of Hope multiple times. Only 19 days to go (actually 18 and a few hours. Hmm, too soon to start counting the hours?)

Lege Artis said...

The Fatal Flame by Lyndsay Faye. It's third and final book in her Timothy Wilde series, set in Five Points, New York 1845/46. I enjoyed it great deal.
Next on my plate is Truly by Ruthie Knox. It's not a recent release, but I just bought it because I heard that hero is grumpy. I am in the mood for grumpy hero. :D
Happy Friday, everyone!

lacrima said...

I'm reading Leviathan by Jack Campbell. It's the newest book in his Lost Fleet series.

Anonymous said...

I am reading Low Midnight by C.Vaughn and Wicked buisness by J. Evanovich. Lost my job two days ago so have a lot of time to catch up with all the books I bought but didn't read till now.

Sanja, Croatia

Nalini Singh said...

@Sanja - I'm sorry to hear about your job. Hugs.

@Lege - I love a good grumpy hero! You must report back and tell me how the book was. :)

Leah said...

Working on my re-read of the Psy-Changeling series to get ready for Shards of Hope! Finished Kiss of Snow and Tangle of Need this week. I love Hawke and Sienna's mating ceremony so much, sat there with a huge grin on my face the whole time!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nalini.. Needed vacation anyway.. :-) And tnx for making Vasic "my cousin"!!
Lege.. Truly is one of my favorite books! ;-)
Any thoughts of Dresden files by J. Butcher?
Got a bundle for my birthday..
Sanja, Croatia

azteclady said...

Starting my re-read of Heart of Obsidian to catch up on my reviews ahead of the release of Shards of Hope (I need to get a move on--it's Friday!!! How did that happen?)

Racking my brains frantically trying to think of something suitable in the sprawling, scary print TBR mountain range of doom for SLWendy's TBRChallenge for May (I had completely forgotten this!)

azteclady said...

Sanja, here's wishing you lots of rest, little stress, and a very short 'vacation.'

May your new job fit you well.

Alyaki said...

I read through the Healer series by Maria Snyder, and re-reading the first Anita Blake novel for the first time in...maybe 10 years? Hate everything past the first couple, but forgot how much I liked that character initially.

May end up doing a Burn for Me or Guild Hunter re-read again soon. Much as I like Psy-Changling, I'm pretty much glued to the Guild Hunter books, I like reading about the trouble Elena and Raphael get into.

Alyaki said...

Forgot! Read "Dark Lover" by JR Ward, and really loved that book (such a fun couple)...but then read "The King"...and abruptly couldn't stand it. Not sure why, but something about the follow-up book annoyed me.

Joy said...

Re-reading all the Jayne Castle books

Barb Muse said...

This week I read Pucked & The Librarian Principle by Helena Hunting as well as Spotless by Camilla Monk. Loved all three! Next up: Sincerely Carter by Whitney Gracia Williams and looking forward to Tuesday when Katte Robert's Falling For His Best Friend releases.

Anonymous said...

Xie xie azteclady.. :-)

Anonymous said...

"I'm a cardinal Psy." - Slave to Sensation page162 is one quote that says it all. I am reading Christine Feehan's Cat's Lair. Great series.

Anonymous said...

Re-read the Rainshadow series by Jayne Castle in anticipation for the new book coming out at the end of July.

Now re-reading Rock Addiction by a fabulous author in New Zealand. :)

Sanja---I hope you get a new job soon and in the mean time enjoy the time off.

Patricia S

Anonymous said...

Finished Angles of Attach by Marko Kloos early this morning. So good....

This is book 3 in his front line series. Start with Terms of Enlistment. This is a scifi military (marine) series.

Anonymous said...

I read Upon the Midnight Clear by Sherrilyn Kenyon. It was okay, I have been reading the Dark Hunter series and like some more than others, but don't know that any of them have fit in the 'loving it' category. But, I have started my re-read of the Psy/Changeling series leading up to Shards of Hope and, of course, am loving them. I'm currently on Caressed by Ice.

elodie said...

Re-reading "The Impostures of Scapin- by Molière.

Amy said...

This weekend I'm re-reading some of the more recent Psy-Changeling stores to get my mind back into the world in preparation for Shards of Hope.

I'm also exploring new authors right now. I recently finished a new-to-me SciFi Romance series -- Trancehack, Witchlight and Firewall -- by Sonya Clark. One of the books was a Daily Deal on DA in recent weeks. I really enjoyed them. One thing that I liked about the books is that each set of characters (in each book) is truly different from the next. For example, the hero in the first is sort of too nice -- almost bland -- but the hero in the second is a drug addict and former dealer with a receding hairline! I've read thousands (maybe more) of romance novels over 20+ years and I cannot recall a single "hero" with those traits; yet it worked.

Anonymous said...

I just finished Kiss of Snow.
Thank you so much for your books!
When Hawke discribed his love for Sienna, my heart was almost bursting, I was so full of love. I know that this will be one of the pages I will always read when I am sad.
Because always when something doesn't work as planned I am reading my favorite pages of my favorite books, so I am happy again. Thank you for this!
I am so looking forward to reading ALL of your books, because you always have a happy end!

And these were the first 10 books I read voluntarily in English!

A huge fan from Germany:)

Anonymous said...

Guild Hunters is one of my favorite series - I keep rereading them. Hard to wait for the next one! Also love the Rock Kiss books.
Just finished book 3 of the Psy/Changeling series. Enjoying those as well. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.
So happy to hear that each series will be continued!
This weekend, going to re-read Teresa Gabelman's The Protectors series. Love the snarky women and the Alphas that fall hard for them.