Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Out June 2nd / June 4th (International)
I heard from my editor about Archangel's Enigma. She loves the manuscript I turned in, and adores Naasir. Woohoo! I must admit I adore that feral and thoroughly infuriating beast myself. I really didn't want to let him and Andromeda go. Plus, all kinds of big, world-altering things happen in this book, so hold onto your hats.

(If you're wondering about review copies, it's a bit too early. The manuscript needs to go through two rounds of edits first.)

I'm currently working on the second draft of the next Rock Kiss story. (I wrote the first draft before I shifted gears to work on Archangel's Enigma). If Rock Hard was sweet, romantic, and funny, Noah and Kit's story is emotionally wrenching and hard.

I haven't forgotten about the Psy-Changeling anthology I promised you all. I'm continuing to work on that in my spare time. I actually want to put in an hour on that tonight.

Also, I'm hoping we can get an excerpt of Shards of Hope up this weekend. Will post when it's done. :-)

How are you all? What's happening?


Anonymous said...

I'm excited and happy to see that your editor loves Naasir. Can't wait to read his book. Also, it's going to be interesting how Noah and Kit's story turns out. In the mean time...we get Aden. :)

Nalini, you are a great writer. Take some time for yourself to avoid burnout (I know like that's going to happen in this lifetime).

Thanks for the upcoming books!

Patricia S

Marie Ledoux said...

Can't wait to read about Naasir.

And of course I'm waiting for den next Psy/Changeling Story.

library addict said...

I am in the middle of my complete Psy/Changeling reread, but took a break during Kiss of Snow to read the new Amanda Quick book, Garden of Lies.

Looking forward to Noah and Kit's story as well as Shards of Hope and the anthology.

I find it amusing that you relax by writing in your spare time. Of course you also have your wonderful photography skills. All in all it is fortunate for your fans that you enjoy so many different worlds.

Leah said...

We're getting closer to June! Can't wait! So much goodness coming at us this year!

Erin Burns said...

I simply can't wait for either book. And I don't think I had caught you mention Andromeda before this, so I guess I will be searching through all the previous books for mentions, like the neurotic I am.

Anonymous said...

ok! awating for your books, manuscripts or whatever you want to share with us.
I was happy to read about Vasic and now I'm sure I'll be to read about Aden. but I miss so much Siena and Hawke 'day a day'. and I'd like to hear more about Mercy, Sascha, Evie... all of them.
I hope you have something in mind for them...

It happens the same with the archangels... I want to hear about Jason, Honor, Elena.... how about Venom???

Argg... I definitevely miss them all.

azteclady said...

Is it weird that I'm counting down the days to the release of Shards of Hope in a calendar?

Right now, I'm re-reading Rock Hard for the...I don't know, tenth time or so? :grin:

Since you mention Noah and Kit as the next book in the Rock Kiss series...when do we get Abe????? (insert very sad puppy eyes begging here)

kree_on_toast said...

Ooh can't wait for either, i have been busy re reading the GH books in preparation. Just about to start the psy/ch got them sitting here from the library as i lost my copies in a move o.O squee... june can't come fast enough

Anonymous said...

I only read this part >>> Also, I'm hoping we can get an excerpt of Shards of Hope up this weekend. Will post when it's done. :-) ** doing the dance of joy

-- Kathy

elodie said...

Three years of intense battle, free just today. Exhausted but so Happy! I wanted to say Thank you Nalini, your books(maybe more)have been my companions all along.

Aden and Zaira,Naasir and Andromeda, Noah and Kit... We are pampered, no less.