Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Shield of Winter Spoiler Thread

This is the dedicated *spoiler* thread for Shield of Winter and earlier books in the series. Spoilers abound, so be warned! (Note that there is also a second spoiler thread here.)

Usual rules: be kind to your fellow commenters and have fun. :-)


miki said...

Thank you a lot

Oki perhaps it's not the place to ask but i really need to know and could be considered spoiler so...

i just read a Christmas cat with Stroke of Enticement ( really really LOVED it) and i was wondering if Annie would meet again the boy who saved her and if yes in which book or novella^^


Anonymous said...

It's revealed in a book but not until after Play of Passion. One of the great things about this series is how all the small details come together so beautifully so I won't reveal anymore. Just keep reading :)

Anonymous said...

Just wondering what's Brenna age is? In STS, she was mentioned as the 20 year old wolf. But in her book, she mentioned that she's 5 years in her course. So that means she's 25-26 years old?

-- Kathy

Anonymous said...

How about a short story of the mates of the 2 deadly Psy assassins and the mate of the Councilor? I wanna be the fly on the wall when they star comparing notes :D

Fillie said...

Hi, what happened to Soshana Scott (hope that's the right spelling)? I don't remember there being any mention of her after Henry died?

Anonymous said...

You need to read Kalebs book to find out what happens with Soshiana Scott. Keep reading.

Anonymous said...

To miki:
I think you find out who the boy is in HoO, it is mentioned without being mentioned... Not sure if they will ever meet but they do have common acquaintances.

miki said...

Thank you a lot for your answers i do plan to keep reading but i was too curious to wait^^ and i can still hope they will meet then since teh series is far from finished^^

Catherine TYW said...

Somewhat a spoiler here but I can't help but just wanna mention her.

Silver was only mentioned about twice in Shield of Winter but I personally hope to see more of her in the next book and more info about the Mercant family too!

I'm sure there's some interesting characters in that family and to me, they are so mysterious :D

And I keep wondering if she could get her own book in future?

Eva said...

Shield of Winter was a wonderful book to read. There is a lot of insight into the psy populace. I loved how the different species worked together to save the collapse of the Psy Net.

Sadly there was not lot of Sienna (love her). It really would be interesting what Kaleb thinks of her. And I´m still wondering who her father is. (I know it´s not important for her, but still... I´m curious (She is so powerful)).

I was surprised how much I loved Samuel Rain. Nalini described him wonderful. Would love to hear more of him.

And the poor Alice (Eldrige). Alone the imagination to awake and to discover that all people who you loved are gone. That`s horrific. I´m also curious if - maybe - some Psy who were involved in her abduction are still alive. Also I want to know "why" they treated her this way.

Laughed a lot about Judd, Ivy and Vasic. - The manual and the "coping advice". LOL. Alone the vision of them teleporting naked around the world. Great! (I bet Nalini had a lot of fun writing this scenes).

Now I´m looking forward to Adans story. Maybe there´ll be a bit more of Ming (My favorite evil man.), yet I´m not really looking forward into killing him. Maybe the E`s can manipulate him? - Would serve him right (With all the mind control he had done.). Though if he´s in the group who avoid joining the new Psy Net; I see no chance of survival for him.

Anonymous said...

Nalini, I have a question.
When Vasic was having his sexy thing with Ivy his dissoning was rated only at yellow flag. Judd felt the severity of the dissoning that he had a blood coming out of his ears and Kaleb with his super psy powers he turned it off. Both Judd and VAsic are Arrows so they have the same training. Is Vasic's deadly powers not as dangerous like Judd's?

Thanks and more books to come :D


merlenglas said...

Aden had already disabled the dissonance feedback. Explained when Basic was wondering how Judd did it on his own.