Friday, July 04, 2014

Friday Book Club

Time to talk books! What are you devouring this week?

p.s. For the Kiwis - I'm being interviewed by Kim Hill tomorrow on Radio New Zealand, just after the 11am news, so tune in if you'd like to listen :-)


library addict said...

I loved, loved, loved Jill Shalvis' latest Animal Magnetism book, Then Came You

Currently reading Clarice Wynter's Spring River Valley series of 12 novellas. I am on Jaded in June. So far Matched Up in May has been my favorite. They are all very quick reads.

tanja mueller said...

I've read the Bedroom Games series by Alisha Rai. Loved the progression of the relationship. I've also started Premonitions by Jamie Schultz. It's about a gang of thieves, and so far it's pretty good.

jacquianne said...

thanks for the heads up regarding your interview with Kim Hill will be tuning in! Just reading your latest Psy-Changling Shield of Winter and cannot wait for Aden's story. Love the whole series. Jacqui

Unknown said...

I downloaded a Trisha Ashley freebie from Amazon,Every Woman For Herself, and have promptly downloaded another five of her books. They're contemporaries set in the north of England ...and they are just great fun( plus they have some scrummy recipes - bonus! Have been making minute meringues all week ..fab)

Anonymous said...

Re-reading Eileen Wilks Lupi series am up to book 7.

library addict said...

Here's the link to Radio NZ's website There looks to be a listen live link. Fingers crossed it allows those of us not in NZ to listen. If I am calculating the time correctly should be in less than two hours (at 7pm Eastern)

library addict said...

Enjoyed the interview. I was able to listen it live in the US.

I must say you handled the sometimes condescending questions very calmly and with a sense of fun that showed the romance genre is not cookie cutter but encompasses a wide range of stories.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading Think of England by KJ Charles. So good! I've loved her ever since somebody on here recommended the Magpie Lord.

Always V said...

♥ library addict ~ ITA ~ OMG!

♥ Anonymous ~ same here ~
with Eileen Wilks' Lupi ~
zero of my friends read this series LOL

library addict said...

For anyone who missed the radio interview, here is a link to listen to it on Radio New Zealand's website: Nalini Singh: fantasy and romance

Unknown said...

Loved Shield of Winter! Quick question. Who is Stefan? I read twice but could not find him. You mentioned him as possible MC in future novella in June 14 post.

Just finished Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop. Part of the Others series. Recommend reading book one Written in Red to get the most enjoyment. I was waiting anxiously for this as well as yours and was so satisfied and eagerly awaiting new installments by you and Ms. Bishop.

Always V said...


SoW Ch 47~
Stefan was another defector ~
former Arrow ~ 9.7 Tk ~
was on permanent duty
in the deep sea station Alaris ~
He taught Judd some tricks ~

Vasic's now FILLING UP THE BATHTUB ~ !!!!!!
as we speak ~

Nope ~ couldn't miss Stefan ~

Anonymous said...

Congratulations? Heart of Obsidian is a 2014 Rita finalist?

Starting a re-read of Shield of Winter. :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Always V!

I so missed the the name TWICE but do remember the content you referenced;)

Can't wait for Aden, too but looking forward to Bastien and then Ash's stories up soon.