Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Psy-Changeling FAQ: Clips from Anderson's Bookshop Q&A

Look what I found on Youtube! Some very clear clips from my Q&A session in June at Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville, with answers to some frequently asked questions.

Videos taken by Tram Nguyen.

Talking about the genesis of the Psy-Changeling Series

Talking about the future of the series and of the younger characters (including Kit)

And while I was in the vortex of Youtube, I found some really neat fan videos. 

 Psy-Changeling FanCast by kath1193 


Kiss of Snow by TheAmyWitch (German) 



Diane said...

How interesting!

library addict said...

Thanks. I enjoyed the Q&A vids (there are 5 in all on the poster's YouTube site). I so wanted to be there, but my car picked that week to have issues.

azteclady said...

I really enjoyed the clips--I, like library addict, would have loved to be there.

One of these years...

(and by the way, I'll probably be reading your Psy/Changeling books when I'm 90+ *grin*)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!
Perhaps only three books left of the main series.. I'll need a little bit time to digest this...
And I can't wait for Vasic'

The two fan videos left me in awe!
It's amazing how much the characters fit!!!!!!!
There were only two or three choices I didn't agree with.
Together with the music and the written lyrics - WOW! Great job!

Thank you for your compelling storytelling, dear Nalini!

ST said...

That was great. Thanks for sharing, Nalini

Anonymous said...

The Kiss of Snow video is pretty good. Love it!

Thirza said...

There are male and female dominants, male and female submissives, male and female alpha's and healers
Where do the maternals stand and are there male 'maternals' though it is a quintessentialy female term?