Saturday, June 02, 2012

Saturday Quote

When Riaz backed off, only to take her hand and tug her deep into the thick black of the trees, she knew she shouldn't go, but her feet kept moving forward, following him into the concealing shadows. The music continued to play behind them, but here, it was hushed and quiet.


- Tangle of Need


Anonymous said...

Arrrgh. I want! I love New Zealand, but I don't love how we get books later! :(

Balvinder Kaur Khehra said...

Nice Quote.
Bibian Da Dhadi Jatha | Balwinder Kaur Khehra

Catherine said...

four days to go - :) have been so good and not gone onto the spoiler page but its been soooooo hard. I am loving the daily quotes and am looking forward to see them in their proper context

Anonymous said...

Almost here! This waiting is so hard only a few more days left. It's been so hard not going to the spoiler page but i have kept my finger from walking lol. Love the daily quotes.

Anonymous said...

I just finished "Tangle of Need". I didn't think I could love "Those Damn Wolves"!!!!!! My bad.