Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Late post today. I've been reading some fascinating research material on wolves for the past couple of hours.

This afternoon, I'm working on a hard-copy draft (printout) of Indigo's book - I always do at least one draft like this - there's just something about working on the printed page.

What's happening in your corner of the world?


Jessica W. (Book Bound) said...

I love wolves. The town in northern Canada that I am from is full of them and a lot of the sled dogs are part or half wolf.

My dog Kodiak was half, and the most loving, loyal dog. : D

They're amazing animals.

Bridget Locke said...

I found this great website once while researching my shifter series. It was created by a guy who basically lived amongst a wolf pack for an entire year. His stuff is VERY in-depth and he had some amazing insights on the wolf and the heierarchy of the pack. I'll try to find the link and email it to you if you're interested...if I can find it. lol. My computer likes to delete links on a regular basis.

As for what's going on? Work work and more work. Getting into the major Christmas crush and I'm exhausted. *yawn*

Courtney said...

Holiday knitting! Not as much as in previous years, though, because I rounded up all the random projects I completed but didn't do anything with and decided they'd be fine for gifting. So all I'm working on are a couple neckwarmers out of a cheap yarn for my in-laws in the colors of their favorite football team and I may have to make a women's or girl's hat or cowl.

The cheap yarn is making my yarn-snob sensibilities shudder, but I'll live.

Madhura said...

Trying my best to finish up open tasks at work before the holidays.

Are you still not giving us any deets on who Indigo's mate it? Would it help if I say pleeeeeze :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, reading something about wolves is always interesting and there are a some great illustrated books and calendars on the market. Monty Sloan`s wolf pictures are e. g. always very beautiful.

At current it`s really cold here in Germany (something between -10 and -5 degree Celcius) so I´m freezing (brrrrrr).

Anonymous said...

Hey Eva!
Thanx for Monty sloan!
I very much enjoyed the pictures!
And it´s snowy in Austria, too *brrr*
hopefully it stays like that for the next 2 weeks....

Greetings Veronika

Nalini Singh said...

Madhura- soooooon ;-)

Bridget Locke said...

Nalini...You're such a tease! lol

Madhura said...

Nalini, I just know you love doing this to us :D

Actually, I am one of those who is happy we don't know who Hawke's mate is yet. This way, when we know, it will be all the more sweeter.

Ceres said...

I also don't want to know who Hawke's and Indigo's mates are, even if I'm dying of curiousness (does that word even exist? *scratches head*). Anyway, where would be the fun in that? It's so much better to look forward to the books even though it's a long, long way to go to November next year. *sigh* ^_~

Anonymous said...

@Veronica: My Pleasure!

Louise said...

I just finished re-reading "Branded by Fire"!
I am soooo addicted to your books!!

And my curiosity is killing me to find out what's gonna happend with Hawke and Siennna...Can't wait!

What's happening right now?
Well, I live in Brazil, so I'm melting because of the heat!
I wish I was somewhere with snow...

Happy Holidays!