Thursday, April 02, 2009

Random Random

Did you know you can do your Google searches in Klingon & pirate? (Info via Wikipedia)


Pissenlit said...

My favourite was the Swedish Chef version.


Una said...

You're kidding. I have to go check this out!

jenyc said...

That is hilarious! I went to their lingo tool page and they even have Elmer Fudd and Hacker!

Tracy said...

That's too funny! And the swedish chef? lol

orannia said...

The Klingon and pirate versions are weird...but there's a Swedish chef (I take it they are referring to the Muppet version :) version too?

*shakes head* Some people have too much time.... :)

Anonymous said...

you can also change your facebook to Pirate english too!

Mrembo said...

Hey Nalini,

A quick question:
"is it easy for you to write your books"

My theory is that some people have it some don't and those who have it make it look effortless. "IT" could be anything.

I have finished reading all the books in the Psy series and was amazed... in short you write good! at the same time I could not help but wonder about the writing process for you as an individual.

So do you find it hard, or does it flow once you get into it?

Question 2: When did you finally decide.. "this is it, I am going to put pen to paper and write a book?



Nalini Singh said...

Hi Mrembo - I love what I do, so in that sense it's easy for me to put the hours and the work in. However, you do have to put the hours in. Even if you're the most talented person in the world, a book will only get written if you sit down and write it.

As for when I decided - I'm one of those people who has always wanted to be a writer. I finally decided to write a full-length novel when I was 18. (And no, none of you can see it *g*).

Edited to add: Loving to write, having a passion for it, is one of the most important things. It's what drives you forward, no matter what.