Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday Links

A few links I thought might interest :-)

A great interview with Marjorie M. Liu at Shanghai Scrap (link via The Knight Agency blog). Also via TKA, agent & author Deidre Knight talks about writing on agent Lucienne Diver's blog

Dear Author offers up The Romance Apologia Scale (warning: do not read with coffee in mouth)

Cara King presents Jane Austen's Twilight

The Book Smugglers interview Kim Harrison

Kate Rothwell (Summer Devon) is offering a free download of her novel The Ratcatcher (link via Meljean Brook's blog)

And that's everything I caught on my very quick scan of my blog feeds this morning. Leave a note in the comments if you've posted and/or seen something interesting around the blogsphere. Have a great day everyone!


Courtney said...

The Apologia scale was awesome! It's something I'd expect from the Smart Bitches (who did mention it today with a link), but that fact that it comes from one of the Janes makes it that much more fun.

I'm still in Explanatory Mode, inching toward having conquered Apologia. I'd probably be there if my mom hadn't taught me that repeatedly telling people to fuck off wasn't very nice. LOLOL

orannia said...

Thank you Nalini!

LOL Courtney :) The Apologia scale is hilarious. I'm completely in the explanatory mode, and just proved it when the MD at my work asked me what I was reading...cue explantation about how the cover doesn't reflect the content, etc. *SIGH* It's conditional - I apologise for everything :)