Thursday, September 01, 2005

On Writing

I've just read over the last few blog posts and realized that some of you may wonder whether I actually ever write. Well this is a quick note to tell you that aside from indulging my infomania and collecting stamps on my passport, I'm currently going through the line edits for Secrets in the Marriage Bed (March '06), a book that I think will surprise a lot of people (in a good way I hope); revising a proposal for Desire and working on a second draft of another proposal. So see, I don't actually spend all my time on the internet. ;)


Anonymous said...

Of course you don't! And I don't see you here either because I'm writing.

Nalini Singh said...

Kendra? Kendra who? I don't see anybody with that name around here. ;)

Barbara said...

I can't wait for you new book in March.
What happen to "Slave to Sensation" is that book going to be publishes under your name?
Have a good day!

Nalini Singh said...

Hi Barbara :) I think you'll like the March book - it's got lots of emotion and heart, as well secrets.

Yup,"Slave to Sensation" will be published under my name and it looks to be released late next year. So not to far away. I'm so excited I can hardly wait!

Barbara said...

Hey Hooray Great!******