Saturday, March 21, 2015

Psi-Changeling, T11 : Labyrinthe de désirs

The French edition of Tangle of Need is now out! I hope you all enjoy Riaz and Adria's story!!


maria said...

The Spanish edition of Play of Passion is out since 09.02.15

"Juegos de pasión"

maria said...

a spanish lector

elodie said...

I was eager to read all about the series GH and PC. So i started to read in english years ago ("harassing" a comprehensive bookseller).
This one is my favorite book with "Branded fire" and "Play of Passion". I recognized myself in Adria's history. Well, a bit. Sadly my Riaz is nowhere to be found. :)

I would say that "Jai lu" did not a great job with GH book 1 & 2. Things have been improved. " Milady" started better with the traduction.

elodie said...

Hell, i mean translation. :)

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