Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tamara Morgan - Off the Map

I have a couple of novella recs for you this weekend. The first one is Tamara Morgan​'s OFF THE MAP featuring two members of a search and rescue team.

I have to be honest - at first, I thought the hero, Scott, was an ass. Like really. But then I realized what was going on with him and he melted my heart.

The heroine, Carrie, is awesome, so strong and positive and kind.

Their relationship has an enemies to lovers vibe, but it's also hilariously funny in places. I was reading this on a plane and I had to muffle my mouth so my neighbor didn't think I'd lost the plot (it was a scene featuring a voodoo Ken doll).

If you're looking for a sharp, funny, romantic novella, check this one out. Here's a link to the excerpt on Tamara's website.

Second rec to come tomorrow! :-)

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Eva said...

Sounds like a book for me.
Thank you Nalini!

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